Friday, June 26, 2009

This one is for my friends

You made me laugh,you made me cry,
with you time passed, as birds fly.
I'll miss you,i'll mis you all.
moments gone by,when i'll recall.

Change is the only constant.

Today i realized true meaning of nostalgia. Never before in my life have i felt like this. Today when i walked the road to my college seemed longer than usual. At one moment i thought that its not gonna end at all,or did i miss my college and left it behind!!!. Then i realised that i was walking alone,without my friends and then i became conscious of the fact that m never going to walk that road with them,not in near future atleast. Not by any means i'l be sitting with thwm at the stantard pastry shop, talking the same stuf or bitching about the people irrespective of the fact that we'll be making a lot more money than we can now think of. Not again will we haggle with each other over the bill, or what reataurant we should go because we will be able to afford any restaurant.
We'll have many vacations in our lives,not one like we had together in goa. Dont know when will i see jaya doing her trademark,"b'day present"thingi again,meghna talking at the top of her voice and confusing strawberry with vanilla.
It feels like they are taking a part of me away from me and nothing will ever fill that vaccum.
But thats how the life is and as i believe Change is the only constant.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wherever you go,wherever you are,
there is someone waiting for your call.
Mornings or evenings,day or night,
your soothing voice takes away my disquiet.
The only way i can show i care,
is to call you up and ask,"how are you dear!!!"