Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing New

Well well well!!

There is os much t owrite and i just dont know how to start. A lot is to be taken care of. Everyone is so concerned about me that it scares me at times. I hop ei'll get through the times as always.
What to say and what not to say. While travelling i met this old man recently. He was trying to start off a conversation and i found him a bit intimidating and irritating at the same time. And suddenly he asked if there was any job in my office which required paperwork. That one moment made me realise the impact of recession in no time. He was no less than 65 or 70. Living in my comfort zone, i never realised that things could be so bad. I always found those persons irritating who fight for a rupee or two. But now i know that even that one rupee comes to your pocket after working really hard. Every penny you earn counts.

Lesson learnt, i still m a spendthrift and m trying to control my habits. Hope God be kind upon me this time!!

My life at present

Finally i am here,

writing after almost four months. At one point of time i thought i would never be able to write again on my blog. But here i am, back from the ashes of time as they say. I am writing this post sitting in office. I mean this is unbelievable. At times i feel that all the money i pay to my internet connection provider is going as i hardly have any time. After 12 hours of office, you just don't feel like doing anything and in my case, i don't even watch TV.

Though i've been longing to read 'EMMA' by Jane Austen and even started it but somehow couldn't complete it.
Life is in a real mess at this point of time.
However, there are some things that are really good have happened to me.
Well m not gonna talk about it here( its a secret). Only people close to me would get to know it.