Saturday, May 30, 2009

why is it happening to me???

I wanted to write something but m just not getting enough material in my head. Not that m ill informed about the subject or i dont have proper understanding of the problem m trying to write about. It's just that m not being able to put my thoughs into well arranged sentences in a readable manner. May be m just out of practice as i haven't been writing for long. I wasn't too occupied with things and i always had enough time to write something, but everytime i thought of writing something i would feel too lazy to type. In case i was sucessfully able to pursue myself to the computer,i would be short of topics. I just started reading again as thats what i have to do for coming few years. Reading books is actually very very refreshing. You get to know about someone else's point of view on something or the other, assessment of a problem which you might had been longing to know and a lot more.

I just finished reading "My bleeding Punjab" by Khushwant Singh. The book is more of a historical account of whatever happened in punjab in late 70s which further intensified the problem, how govt. mishandled whole situation. The best thing about the book is that its very impartial in its treatment. One would expect that being a Sikh, Khushwant Singh would have a partisan attitude towards the problem which is so not the case.

If someone really wants to know what happened during the Operation Blue Star,the book is a good reference..........