Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

The latest show to create a buzz is 'Satyamev Jayate'. A lot of people are talking about it. Its there on twitter, Facebook, newspapers, TV channels, everywhere. It was a much talked about show even before it started because of the host Amir Khan, the format of the show, the marketing strategy it adopted, the unique approach Star network had regarding the broadcasting of the show. A lot of it was new for Indian television industry. However, no one knew what the show will be about! Now that two episodes are already out, we know it is a show that talks about sensitive social issues which have, till now, been easily swept under the carpet thinking,"it won't happen to us or to people we love". The show touches all the aspects of the issue at hand, bringing out all the implications it has over the individual and the society. The first episode was really informative as it discussed concrete facts and data. Female foeticide, though a known fact, has hardly been discussed in India. And even if it has been discussed on TV shows on Doordarshan, the reality is that no-one watched it. The reasons may be many-that they didn't have the star power or lacked the sensitivity that is a prerequisite for a topic like this. But when somebody like Amir Khan talks, people listen. They pay attention. Its a tried and tested formula in marketing and i am really glad to see that it is being used for a good cause. It was a relief to watch a show that talked about Child sexual abuse-a topic that needs immediate attention by parents and children alike. Finally, somebody realized the need to bring it the fore. I wish they will not bring the star guests in every episode. Its a real turn off. It has a potential bring a change. I hope it is able to bring one.

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