Friday, February 27, 2009

random thoughts

i've been missing for a long time ,but its just that i couldnt find anything to write about.

Not that i've found now but i wrote this little piece.I liked it,so m gonna put it here

Only if i could wish n get,

you had been around me.

only if i could wish n get,

you wouldnt have done what you did to me.

only if i could wish n get,

things would've remained good.

However i am afraid to say,

they were not destined to be so.

I really dont know how is it,so i would like to have comments from whosoever reads this.

Thank you n have a good life


  1. move on...............some ppl just don want great ppl around..their loss.........

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  3. I din't like's too sadning...might, we need to talk over this...