Friday, February 27, 2009

M just wondering how to start this post. I just want to write something desperately.

I've ben watching a lot of movies lately n i just wonder what makes Slumdog millionaire so special!!

I watched ther movie n its an averasge movie,made in typical bollywood style.There has been much better movies made by indian directors better than Slumdog,but they never got any oscar nominations either. Not that we need an award to prove that we make good movies. And not only the Oscar jury has gone mad, we Indians just cant get over with our colonial past.Anil kapoor was so happy that Will Smith was polite with him n congratulated him. 

Frida pinto was going ga-ga over the fact that Angelina jolie walked upto her n appreciated her performance. Had Shabana Azmi have said the same to her,she would not give a shit to it......

But you see,it was Angelina :P, this too when the girl hardly has 8 to 10 shots(it might be less but definitely not more)

Moving ahead to music, Rehman's music is good but definitely not his best.But i guess its the first time they took notice of a Brown man's music

Congratulations Rehman.

Now m losing the track of whatever i want to say.....................

M feeling sleepy,good night


  1. yo true....but ya congrats to all hu are basking in the glory of sudden stardom..but v indians know the truth........

  2. yupp,very well said sweety...........