Saturday, March 7, 2009

Its nothing

here is another piece which i wrote, people may find it saddening but i like it.

As the days pass by,as the sun goes down.

When you feel dejected, and nobody is around.

You feel like dying, beyond the pain.

But soon you realise,there ain't no gain.

Thats it, i couldnt find anything more to write with this.

Thank you and Have a good life.


  1. You seek answers, long overdue.
    Thoughts aplenty, drought continues.
    Day after day, with pain you wither.
    Beseech for the end, wandering hither-thither.
    The dawn is not far, but you only seek dusk.
    Patience flounders, deriving lusk.
    The dusk arrives, glistening horizon.
    Plash!the golden hue, pains wizen.
    A ray of life, hope and love.
    Awake! alive! afresh, aside the pain you shove.

    tried to complete your writing, though I think I changed the sentiments from down and morose to hopeful and gay :)

  2. hmm, love it................
    amazed .................

  3. something new girl... am waiting