Wednesday, January 21, 2009

eight random things about me

Meghna tagged me for this, n m really wondering what to write..................

lets see...................

1.I resemble a lot to my brother.

2.I am scared of open high places,that means i have Aeroacrophobia.

3. my room is messy n gets clean only a day before my sistes's arrival. I do that so that she wont scold me for the same.

4.I am a compulsive shopper. I always feared to accept this but then thats the truth.

5.My friends mean a lot me and i can do anthing possible to keep them with me. But they should also prove thier worth as and when required.

6.I can stitch,cook,can knit and can do embroidary. 

7.I am  a punctual person,mostly on time in my classes no matter how early i have to get up. But the class shoulod interest me too.

8.I am a patriot at heart. Not many people know about this aspect but i love my country more than myself.

people i wanna tag




  1. hey.........finally u accept that u r a compulsive shopper..he he.......yippie.......

  2. why r u so happy!!! is it something like mision accomplished for you???

  3. finally its out in the open.. you are compulsive shopper!!! jaya ki zindagi safal hui.. :P

  4. ha ha mera ek nagging gag safal hua..