Sunday, January 18, 2009

suggest me a title

well m in a good mood today n m gonna write something i strongly feel about.

To start with, i have very high regards for my teachers who are really good[ n i decide who is worth it n who ain't].My teachers hold a very special place in my lifesopan of 22 years. I still remember the name of my class teacher of first class  n i still long to meet her .

Such a special teacher she was to me,a mother figure at time at the time as mom was working back then n couldnt spend much time with me. Her home was in the school campus n i used to visit her many times. Her husband is an artist as well as a photographer  n i still remember a picture taken by him," a nude woman with lights falling on her". I saw it when i was a kid n thought to be vulgar but now i realise it was a beautiful picture[ ok, m a slow learner]

Anyways moving ahead n coming back to the topic,  i really believe that there should never be a friendship between a teacher and a student n the distance should always be maintained.

because when u become friends with your teacher, he/she becomes just another person for you n u start losing respect for the person. We anyways do that quite often nowadays as teachers ain't that good enough anymore, or its just our unwillingness to learn. According to me ,you can always learn something from a person,how so ever useless a person that might be. There is always something to learn.

And the main point due to which i am writing this post is for the reason that io dont like teachers bitching about other teacher to their students . I strongly condemn the habit and discourage it. It not only have preconcieved notions about the other person nevertheless you also fall in your student's eyes.

You no longer can think to teach your student when you start behaving in the manner you do.You lose the respect instantly[ whatever they might have for you]

I know its very human to talk your heart out or to bitch about others  however you can always do that to with your colleagues or people your age. Befriending your students is one thing( though i dont believe in it) n indulging in a behaviour just to fit in is altogether a different thing.

You should( if at all) befriend so that they can learn from you, your vast experiences, your life.

I guess some people do it because their peers have grown and they want to enjoy their teenage all their life.

I might soung here like a person straight out of a sixties movie but dont u think m talking sense here!!! If u think i cant,you can always leave your comments .............

You are all welcome.

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