Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today m gonna talk about relationships and happiness.
To start with,i've had quite a few relationships both good n bad.
Every relationship was an experience in itself,with its positives and negatives.
but one thing was constant in all of them, when you give too much to the relationship, it starts falling apart. One should always be careful when n how much to invest in the relationship in terms of time, emotions n whatever it demands.........................
My present relationship is the longest i've ever had and frankly speaking i have least contribution in making the relationship work. I always ensure that my contribution remains minimum so that i wont face any problem if i ever have to move on due to any circumstances.
you grow with every relationship. More you have them, more you realize that there is nothing like love in them. We al are selfish n mean creatures at heart n no matter what we say, its our happiness which we keep at top priority when it comes to a 'Romantic relationship'( the initial phase of an affair doesnt count as the feeling of being in love is too overpowering to understand anything)
People who've had only one relationship might not identify or agree with whatever m saying but those who've been in n out of relationships would perfectly understand what m talking about[ atleast i think so]
Love is still thought as a pure n divine emotion bestowed on humans by god [ bulshit]
Why do we hesitate to accept the fact that its the search of happiness which leads us to fall in love n then comes the realisation that love as well is a fools paradise.
Why are we so shallow that we seek our happiness in someone else!!!
why do we always fail to realise that if its not inside,its not there!!!
Love is nothing but a mere tactic to give human lust a dignified place in our society as well as our day to day lives.
The reason being; Society treats our basic physical need as a sin.............
So you have the concept of love and relationships..........
Through my experiences, i've realised that its infatuation that we most of the times mistake for love!!! If there is anything called love,m sure that its never at first sight which people claim to fall in.
Its the care n affection which comes through prolonged togetherness.
I've seen my mom n dad grow more fond of each other over the period of time.
They need not to say they are in love.
They care for each other n thats reflected through their actions.
N they care not because they love each other, but because they feel happy when they are together, they enjoy each other's company.
so ultimately, it boils down to happiness!!! so where does love figure out there???
See i told you, there's nothing called 'Love'(Kidding)
According to me,people should stop seeking love n start seeking happiness.
Its good for health and keeps you at peace with your innerself .
As far as i am concerned,i'll never fall in love with anyone.
Do whatever keeps you happy n give a F*** to what people think n say


  1. wow.. this is a new and easier-to-follow take on love....
    though its hard for me to relate to it.. cos i've been in just one serious relationship.... but yes i ended it because i wasn't happy anymore... so it makes sense...
    btw good post... keep writing...

  2. thanks................. simple you keep it, happier you are...........

  3. ohh.........a long story n a complex one(i m happy to finally hav got one written definition of love...he he..) but yeah true to the core if there is one person v truly love its just our own self n no one else...maybe v all seek love cos v want to feel important all the time.....

  4. i dont want to comment personal.....bt i strongly
    dont buy ur theory of "happiness"...
    i agree with many of ur pts....bt i still believe
    in divine emotion of love....d defination of love is diff. for every person...experience gud or bad
    whtever bt not every1 fortunate enough to experience "d power of love".....!

    bt d post was vry true ...!

  5. thanks, n i dont expect everyone to agree with me ,so its ok if ppl disagre,......